We don’t often get a chance to take time out to celebrate ourselves in the moment we’re in – whether it’s a beach bod, or a pregnancy curve, or the lines of growing wiser or anything in between.

Life drawing is a wonderful document of the evolution of beauty in the human body, particularly the female body as it goes through the miniscule changes of everyday to the monumental changes of pregnancy.

And it’s more than just a portrait to hang on your wall – it’s an experience that’s fun, liberating and beautifying from inside out. For me, as an artist, life drawing is a chance to celebrate growth, to capture a small moment of time, and to help people discover and reveal their personal beauty.

If you are looking to celebrate a beautiful moment or have a liberating mind-body-spirit-art experience please contact me for ideas / inspirations / conversations and custom quotes.


Life drawing in charcoal:

– 1.5 hour drawing session, during which I will draw a number of studies to identify the ideal pose. We’ll select this together based on my drawings
– Following the session, I will go home and turn the study into a more polished portrait.
– A3 portrait in charcoal for you to take home

Cost: $500


Life drawing in charcoal studies:

– 1.5 hour drawing session, during which I will draw 3┬ástudies
– You can choose one or more studies to keep at the end of the session
– Studies are A3 sized in charcoal

Cost: $250 – one / $500 for all three

Gift vouchers are also available if you’re looking for a unique birthday, anniversary or baby shower gift.