Getting older… a dream

Getting older… a dream

So, last night, I dreamed that someone mistook me for being 32 (instead of 29 and 10 months) and I was a bit miffed.

I never thought age bothered me. I really, really didn’t.

But dream-land is clearly telling me different, right?

Maybe I only ever didn’t mind getting older because: I’ve always been the youngest: youngest sister, younger wife, most of my friends are at least 7 – 10 years older than me.

I’ve lived my whole life being comfortably younger than (almost) everyone around me. So perhaps I’ve been living in the delusion that I’ll never actually get old, because I’ll always be younger than everyone else in my life?

Ah the strange workings of the mind!!

So just in case I really am, deep down in the dream-land recesses of my mind, worried about getting older: in the next two months before I turn 30, I’m going to consciously think about everything I’ve lived, thought, dreamed, experienced over the last 30 years. Just as a reminder of the rich, overflowing document of me that will only become richer the older I get.

Here’s some quick ones that come to mind straight away:

– quit my job and became an artist

– posed (tastefully) nude for a magazine article promoting healthy body image

– got deliciously fat in Paris

– enjoyed Musee Rodin on my own and then a couple of years later, with Mr Lee

– met some rockstars

– lived in China

– read my brains out

– inspired some people

– Meditated for over 100 hours this year

– learned stuff the hard way

– learned other stuff the easy way

– loved, love, am loving… and still learning

* I will be adding to this list in a BIG way.

What’s in your life’s document highlights?

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