Como se dice – happy just because?

“Sometimes I’m happy, just because.” My zumba teacher (Taty) and nueva amiga y colega said this to me earlier this week.

The fact is, some weeks/days/months/years are less exciting than others. But my new meditationally-focused mind (and Taty) remind me that these times are good times to reflect and celebrate the happiness that comes ‘just because’.

So here’s a little list in no particular order:

1. I’m learning Spanish, tiny bit by bit. It’ a nice little skill swap from Taty. It’s a slow, but fun process.

Yo quiero una cervesa por favor!

2. I cracked some new levels in my WordPress / Mailchimp / Email hosting (read: NERDY) life. It was so satisfying. I high-fived Mr Lee several times.

3. I reconnected with a budding new friend in KX and through her connected to an assortment of fantastical characters in KX / Potts Point – which involved walking on a leather floor. It felt really good.

4. I decided I want my postcard project bestie to become a millionaire. She’d make a good one, and much more generous one than I would be – she’d travel the world, send me beautiful letters and let me live in her fabulous Potts Point apartment.

5. I was inspired by Mr Lee’s energy this week. His smiles are sunshine.

6. I was helped by so many people this week, including my new KX friends, an NZ ‘fiend’/ masterchef who gave me an impromptu Online Marketing 101 class, as well as Taty, my bestie and Mr Lee – so much generosity of spirit. It’s almost overwhelming.

Here’s to another week of more giving less taking!

What’s making you ‘happy, just because’ this week?

This week’s postcard promising that I’d get the apartment when she went on to travel the world. Sweet deal. 

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